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also prec·a·tive adj. Relating to or expressing entreaty or supplication. Precarity definition, a state of existence in which material provision and psychological wellness are adversely affected by a lack of regular or secure income: The precarity that defines this socially vulnerable demographic cannot be ignored. precatory in a sentence - Use "precatory" in a sentence 1. Material set out in a whereas clause is purely precatory. 2.

Precatory define

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a polite way…. Learn more. Precatory definition is - expressing a wish. Find more words at wordhippo.com!

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click for more sentences of precatory Imprecatory Psalms, contained within the Book of Psalms of the Hebrew Bible (תנ"ך), are those that imprecate – that is, those that invoke judgment, calamity or curses upon one's enemies or those perceived as the enemies of God. Define precautionally. precautionally synonyms, precautionally pronunciation, precautionally translation, English dictionary definition of precautionally. also pre·cau·tion·al adj. Of, relating to, or constituting a precaution: taking precautionary measures; gave precautionary advice.

Precatory define

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2020-02-27 · Question: "What are the imprecatory psalms?" Answer: The book of Psalms is rich with poetry, praise, joy, sorrow, and more. It was written by several authors, including King David. Legal definition for PRECATORY WORDS: Expressions in a will praying or requesting that a thing shall be done. 2.

Precatory define

A precatory memorandum is usually not considered legally binding unless it is reference Definition of precatory trust. : a trust created by precatory words construed as mandatory. Precatory precatory adj : expressing a wish or desire but not creating a legal obligation or affirmative duty [a remark] [the words] NOTE: When interpreting wills, courts will look to whether a direction is precatory or mandatory in carrying out the testator's intent. 2021-04-09 2020-01-02 Define Precatory words. Precatory words synonyms, Precatory words pronunciation, Precatory words translation, English dictionary definition of Precatory words. words of recommendation, request, entreaty, wish, or expectation, employed in wills, as distinguished from express directions; - … Precative definition is - precatory, beseeching.
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Legal definition for PRECATORY WORDS: Expressions in a will praying or requesting that a thing shall be done. 2. Although recommendatory words used by a testator, of themselves, seem to … In order for a trust to exist three conditions must be satisfied, generally referred to as the “three certainties” (Knight v Knight (1840)).

How do you use precatory in a sentence? What are synonyms for precatory? Trending Searches 🔥 creative challenge negative-impact define archipelago aesthetic white-person assistance focus happy help for-the-first-time potential deep-understanding know-it-all ambiguous good gujarati oppose more-likely center mental-health mantra cohesiveness comfort out-of-the-box thinking detect technology availability grace brainstorm travel bittersweet injustice important What is the definition of PRECATORY? What is the meaning of PRECATORY?
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2. Virtually all shareholder resolutions are non-binding ( or " precatory, " to use the legal term of art ). click for more sentences of precatory Definition of precatory in the Fine Dictionary.

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Legal definition for PRECATORY: Having the nature of prayer, request, or entreaty; conveying or embodying a recommendation or advice or the expression of a wish, but not a positive command or direction.